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Many families have old photos proudly on their walls or in albums or shoe boxes of their grandparents or great grandparents who served. The image on the label is of Trooper 11/1534 Wellington Mounted Rifles, he is truly one of ours. This is one of the WHBC's grandparents. He wears the distinctive 'lemon squeezer' hat, and is just one of the many New Zealanders who served and had their lives unalterably changed in the name of freedom.

This image encapsulates the brand values. A young soldier wearing the lemon squeezer hat with his rifle over his shoulder is an image that many New Zealanders can relate to. This isn't a no name or Googled image – this soldier is one of us.

This trooper and his wife were members of the Hastings RSA. He appreciated the RSA and benefited from the Charitable Trust who would kindly organise trips to the Levin Limb Centre, where he would get the help he need for his leg that was blown off. You can read his story on the back of the wine label.



In the winter of 2013 a group of likeminded Hawke's Bay grape growers got together and formed the WHBC. Its aim is to give Hawke's Bay growers a joint voice in the market. The branding of our wine reflects that this is wine of the growers; it is wine of the people.

With many years of experience and proven ability to produce quality fruit and with the assistance of an expert wine making team the co-operative has the ability to produce quality wine at competitive prices.

All of the WHBC members own and operate their own vineyards with distinctive terroir and grow a range of varieties.

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